Toshiba Palmrest Assembly V000220030

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Toshiba palmrest or upper assembly V000220030. Includes the touchpad. Designed for the

Satellite C650

Satellite C650-100

Satellite C650-101

Satellite C650-107

Satellite C650-10W

Satellite C650-110

Satellite C650-111

Satellite C650-11C

Satellite C650-11J

Satellite C650-11X

Satellite C650-122

Satellite C650-124

Satellite C650-126

Satellite C650-129

Satellite C650-12D

Satellite C650-12E

Satellite C650-12J

Satellite C650-13G

Satellite C650-13U

Satellite C650-142

Satellite C650-144

Satellite C650-145

Satellite C650-147

Satellite C650-149

Satellite C650-14C

Satellite C650-14D

Satellite C650-14E

Satellite C650-14F

Satellite C650-14Q

Satellite C650-14U

Satellite C650-14W

Satellite C650-14X

Satellite C650-152

Satellite C650-154

Satellite C650-15C

Satellite C650-15D

Satellite C650-15F

Satellite C650-15H

Satellite C650-15J

Satellite C650-15K

Satellite C650-15L

Satellite C650-15M

Satellite C650-15N

Satellite C650-15P

Satellite C650-15R

Satellite C650-15U

Satellite C650-15V

Satellite C650-15W

Satellite C650-15X

Satellite C650-15Z

Satellite C650-160

Satellite C650-162

Satellite C650-166

Satellite C650-16C

Satellite C650-16F

Satellite C650-16N

Satellite C650-16Q

Satellite C650-16R

Satellite C650-16W

Satellite C650-173

Satellite C650-174

Satellite C650-176

Satellite C650-177

Satellite C650-178

Satellite C650-179

Satellite C650-17N

Satellite C650-17Q

Satellite C650-17R

Satellite C650-17T

Satellite C650-17U

Satellite C650-17V

Satellite C650-17W

Satellite C650-17X

Satellite C650-17Z

Satellite C650-182

Satellite C650-187

Satellite C650-188

Satellite C650-18F

Satellite C650-18G

Satellite C650-18H

Satellite C650-18J

Satellite C650-18K

Satellite C650-18M

Satellite C650-191

Satellite C650-194

Satellite C650-19C

Satellite C650-19E

Satellite C650-19J

Satellite C650-19T

Satellite C650-1C0

Satellite C650-1C2

Satellite C650-1C5

Satellite C650-1C6

Satellite C650-1C7

Satellite C650-1C8

Satellite C650-1CC

Satellite C650-1CE

Satellite C650-1CF

Satellite C650-1CG

Satellite C650-1CH

Satellite C650-1CN

Satellite C650-1CP

Satellite C650-1CQ

Satellite C650-1CR

Satellite C650-1CT

Satellite C650-1D6

Satellite C650-1E1

Satellite C650-1EJ

Satellite C650-1EN

Satellite C650-1EP

Satellite C650-1ER

Satellite C650-1FH

Satellite C650-1FK

Satellite C650-1HR

Satellite C650-1J0

Satellite C650-1KH

Satellite C650-1KJ

Satellite C650D-100

Satellite C650D-106

Satellite C650D-108

Satellite C650D-109

Satellite C650D-10D

Satellite C650D-10E

Satellite C650D-10K

Satellite C650D-10L

Satellite C650D-10P

Satellite C650D-10Q

Satellite C650D-112

Satellite C650D-113

Satellite C650D-114

Satellite C650D-115

Satellite C650D-11E

Satellite C650D-11G

Satellite C650D-11H

Satellite C650D-11J

Satellite C650D-11K

Satellite C650D-11R

Satellite C650D-11T

Satellite C650D-120

Satellite C650D-122

Satellite C650D-126

Satellite C650D-12C

Satellite C650D-12D

Satellite C650D-12F

Satellite C650D-12J

Satellite C650D-12L


This product carries a one year warranty against defects.

In the unlikely event of failure please email us with details and we will arrange for replacement.

Please note that physical damage is not covered by warranty.

Compatible with

Suitable for use with:

  • Toshiba Satellite C Series
  • Toshiba Satellite C650 Spares
  • Toshiba Satellite Spares