Toshiba LCD Cable V000130120

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Toshiba LCD LCM cable. Toshiba part number V000130120. Designed for the

Equium L300-146

Equium L300-17Q

Satellite L300-10O

Satellite L300-10Q

Satellite L300-10R

Satellite L300-110

Satellite L300-11A

Satellite L300-11C

Satellite L300-11E

Satellite L300-11F

Satellite L300-11G

Satellite L300-11H

Satellite L300-11I

Satellite L300-11L

Satellite L300-11M

Satellite L300-11P

Satellite L300-11Q

Satellite L300-129

Satellite L300-12B

Satellite L300-12J

Satellite L300-12K

Satellite L300-12L

Satellite L300-12O

Satellite L300-12P

Satellite L300-12V

Satellite L300-135

Satellite L300-139

Satellite L300-13A

Satellite L300-13B

Satellite L300-13D

Satellite L300-13J

Satellite L300-13Q

Satellite L300-13R

Satellite L300-13W

Satellite L300-13X

Satellite L300-13Y

Satellite L300-13Z

Satellite L300-144

Satellite L300-145

Satellite L300-147

Satellite L300-148

Satellite L300-149

Satellite L300-14C

Satellite L300-14G

Satellite L300-14P

Satellite L300-14X

Satellite L300-15N

Satellite L300-15V

Satellite L300-15W

Satellite L300-16B

Satellite L300-16L

Satellite L300-16M

Satellite L300-16T

Satellite L300-171

Satellite L300-176

Satellite L300-178

Satellite L300-17F

Satellite L300-17H

Satellite L300-17I

Satellite L300-17K

Satellite L300-17L

Satellite L300-17M

Satellite L300-17N

Satellite L300-17O

Satellite L300-17V

Satellite L300-180

Satellite L300-18D

Satellite L300-18E

Satellite L300-18G

Satellite L300-195

Satellite L300-19F

Satellite L300-19J

Satellite L300-19N

Satellite L300-19O

Satellite L300-19U

Satellite L300-19Y

Satellite L300-1A2

Satellite L300-1A3

Satellite L300-1A6

Satellite L300-1A7

Satellite L300-1A8

Satellite L300-1AK

Satellite L300-1AL

Satellite L300-1AM

Satellite L300-1AN

Satellite L300-1AP

Satellite L300-1AQ

Satellite L300-1AR

Satellite L300-1AS

Satellite L300-1AX

Satellite L300-1AY

Satellite L300-1B1

Satellite L300-1BB

Satellite L300-1BC

Satellite L300-1BD

Satellite L300-1BG

Satellite L300-1BV

Satellite L300-1BW

Satellite L300-1C1

Satellite L300-1C6

Satellite L300-1C8

Satellite L300-1CI

Satellite L300-1CK

Satellite L300-1CL

Satellite L300-1CM

Satellite L300-1CU

Satellite L300-1CY

Satellite L300-1D4

Satellite L300-1DI

Satellite L300-1DN

Satellite L300-1DU

Satellite L300-1E5

Satellite L300-1E6

Satellite L300-1EF

Satellite L300-1EI

Satellite L300-1EJ

Satellite L300-1ER

Satellite L300-1ES

Satellite L300-1EU

Satellite L300-1F4

Satellite L300-1F5

Satellite L300-1F6

Satellite L300-1F7

Satellite L300-1F8

Satellite L300-1F9

Satellite L300-1FB

Satellite L300-1FD

Satellite L300-1FE

Satellite L300-1FH

Satellite L300-1FI

Satellite L300-1FP

Satellite L300-1FQ

Satellite L300-1FR

Satellite L300-1FS

Satellite L300-1FV

Satellite L300-1G4

Satellite L300-1G5

Satellite L300-1G6

Satellite L300-1G7

Satellite L300-1G8

Satellite L300-1G9

Satellite L300-1GC

Satellite L300-1GF

Satellite L300-202

Satellite L300-208

Satellite L300-20A

Satellite L300-20D

Satellite L300-20M

Satellite L300-20N

Satellite L300-20R

Satellite L300-20U

Satellite L300-20W

Satellite L300-20Z

Satellite L300-214

Satellite L300-215

Satellite L300-217

Satellite L300-218

Satellite L300-21C

Satellite L300-21G

Satellite L300-21H

Satellite L300-21L

Satellite L300-21R

Satellite L300-21W

Satellite L300-21X

Satellite L300-21Z

Satellite L300-220

Satellite L300-222

Satellite L300-223

Satellite L300-226

Satellite L300-227

Satellite L300-229

Satellite L300-22L

Satellite L300-22T

Satellite L300-22V

Satellite L300-22X

Satellite L300-23C

Satellite L300-23D

Satellite L300-23F

Satellite L300-23G

Satellite L300-23K

Satellite L300-245

Satellite L300-24N

Satellite L300-24W

Satellite L300-251

Satellite L300-254

Satellite L300-255

Satellite L300-256

Satellite L300-257

Satellite L300-25E

Satellite L300-25G

Satellite L300-25H

Satellite L300-25M

Satellite L300-26G

Satellite L300-26K

Satellite L300-26L

Satellite L300-26M

Satellite L300-26N

Satellite L300-278

Satellite L300-27U

Satellite L300-28R

Satellite L300-29R

Satellite L300-29T

Satellite L300-29U

Satellite L300-29V

Satellite L300-29W

Satellite L300-29X

Satellite L300-2C1

Satellite L300-2C3

Satellite L300-2C4

Satellite L300-2C5

Satellite L300-2C6

Satellite L300-2C7

Satellite L300-2C9

Satellite L300-2CC

Satellite L300-2CD

Satellite L300-2CE

Satellite L300-2CF

Satellite L300-2CL

Satellite L300-2CN

Satellite L300-2CP

Satellite L300-2CQ

Satellite L300-2CR

Satellite L300-2CU

Satellite L300-2CV

Satellite L300-2CW

Satellite L300-2CZ

Satellite L300-2D0

Satellite L300-2D9

Satellite L300-2DJ

Satellite L300-2DK

Satellite L300-2DR

Satellite L300-2DV

Satellite L300-2E4

Satellite L300-2EL

Satellite L300-2F5

Satellite L300D-10A

Satellite L300D-10B

Satellite L300D-10F

Satellite L300D-10Q

Satellite L300D-10U

Satellite L300D-110

Satellite L300D-115

Satellite L300D-116

Satellite L300D-11A

Satellite L300D-11F

Satellite L300D-11K

Satellite L300D-11M

Satellite L300D-11T

Satellite L300D-11V

Satellite L300D-11Z

Satellite L300D-12C

Satellite L300D-12G

Satellite L300D-12I

Satellite L300D-12L

Satellite L300D-12M

Satellite L300D-12S

Satellite L300D-12T

Satellite L300D-12U

Satellite L300D-12W

Satellite L300D-12Y

Satellite L300D-12Z

Satellite L300D-131

Satellite L300D-13B

Satellite L300D-13E

Satellite L300D-13H

Satellite L300D-13J

Satellite L300D-13Q

Satellite L300D-13R

Satellite L300D-13S

Satellite L300D-13X

Satellite L300D-147

Satellite L300D-148

Satellite L300D-14N

Satellite L300D-14S

Satellite L300D-14T

Satellite L300D-14W

Satellite L300D-14Y

Satellite L300D-1EF

Satellite L300D-1EI

Satellite L300D-1FR

Satellite L300D-202

Satellite L300D-206

Satellite L300D-20D

Satellite L300D-20M

Satellite L300D-20V

Satellite L300D-20Z

Satellite L300D-216

Satellite L300D-219

Satellite L300D-21L

Satellite L300D-21M

Satellite L300D-21P

Satellite L300D-21Q

Satellite L300D-21X

Satellite L300D-21Z

Satellite L300D-222

Satellite L300D-22F

Satellite L300D-22G

Satellite L300D-22K

Satellite L300D-22L

Satellite L300D-22P

Satellite L300D-22R

Satellite L300D-23U

Satellite L300D-23W

Satellite L300D-23Z

Satellite L300D-242

Satellite L300D-243

Satellite L300D-245

Satellite L300D-249

Satellite L300D-24D

Satellite L300D-24Q

Satellite L300D-24U

Satellite L300D-250

Satellite L300D-251

Compatible with

Suitable for use with:

  • Toshiba Equium L300
  • Toshiba Equium Spares
  • Toshiba Satellite L Series
  • Toshiba Satellite L300
  • Toshiba Satellite L300D
  • Toshiba Satellite Spares


This product carries a one year warranty against defects.

In the unlikely event of failure please email us with details and we will arrange for replacement.

Please note that physical damage is not covered by warranty.