Toshiba CPU Fan K000047360 OP K000047360

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Toshiba original new spare part. This CPU thermal fan is designed for the following range of notebooks.

Equium A200-1A7

Equium A200-1T6

Equium A200-24L

Satellite A200-10R

Satellite A200-10V

Satellite A200-115

Satellite A200-12G

Satellite A200-12L

Satellite A200-12Q

Satellite A200-12S

Satellite A200-13M

Satellite A200-13V

Satellite A200-14X

Satellite A200-15U

Satellite A200-15V

Satellite A200-175

Satellite A200-17O

Satellite A200-18M

Satellite A200-1AH

Satellite A200-1AX

Satellite A200-1AY

Satellite A200-1BJ

Satellite A200-1C3

Satellite A200-1FL

Satellite A200-1G3

Satellite A200-1G4

Satellite A200-1GB

Satellite A200-1H2

Satellite A200-1HW

Satellite A200-1IT

Satellite A200-1IW

Satellite A200-1IZ

Satellite A200-1J0

Satellite A200-1J3

Satellite A200-1J6

Satellite A200-1JH

Satellite A200-1JS

Satellite A200-1K6

Satellite A200-1KB

Satellite A200-1KH

Satellite A200-1LA

Satellite A200-1LV

Satellite A200-1M8

Satellite A200-1NF

Satellite A200-1O5

Satellite A200-1O6

Satellite A200-1OD

Satellite A200-1OS

Satellite A200-1P8

Satellite A200-1PB

Satellite A200-1PD

Satellite A200-1PH

Satellite A200-1QK

Satellite A200-1QT

Satellite A200-1QU

Satellite A200-1QX

Satellite A200-1QY

Satellite A200-1R4

Satellite A200-1RL

Satellite A200-1RS

Satellite A200-1RV

Satellite A200-1RZ

Satellite A200-1S2

Satellite A200-1S5

Satellite A200-1S6

Satellite A200-1S7

Satellite A200-1S9

Satellite A200-1SG

Satellite A200-1SI

Satellite A200-1SJ

Satellite A200-1SM

Satellite A200-1SN

Satellite A200-1SP

Satellite A200-1SQ

Satellite A200-1SV

Satellite A200-1T7

Satellite A200-1T8

Satellite A200-1TG

Satellite A200-1TK

Satellite A200-1TO

Satellite A200-1TP

Satellite A200-1TS

Satellite A200-1TU

Satellite A200-1TW

Satellite A200-1U0

Satellite A200-1UQ

Satellite A200-1UR

Satellite A200-1UY

Satellite A200-1V0

Satellite A200-1VC

Satellite A200-1VD

Satellite A200-1VL

Satellite A200-1VN

Satellite A200-1VP

Satellite A200-1VT

Satellite A200-1XP

Satellite A200-1XS

Satellite A200-1YO

Satellite A200-1ZB

Satellite A200-1ZF

Satellite A200-201

Satellite A200-202

Satellite A200-204

Satellite A200-205

Satellite A200-206

Satellite A200-208

Satellite A200-209

Satellite A200-20A

Satellite A200-20C

Satellite A200-20H

Satellite A200-20I

Satellite A200-21T

Satellite A200-223

Satellite A200-226

Satellite A200-22B

Satellite A200-22C

Satellite A200-22F

Satellite A200-22I

Satellite A200-22V

Satellite A200-22W

Satellite A200-22X

Satellite A200-22Y

Satellite A200-236

Satellite A200-237

Satellite A200-239

Satellite A200-23C

Satellite A200-23H

Satellite A200-23J

Satellite A200-23K

Satellite A200-23M

Satellite A200-23N

Satellite A200-23O

Satellite A200-23P

Satellite A200-23Q

Satellite A200-23S

Satellite A200-23U

Satellite A200-23V

Satellite A200-23W

Satellite A200-23X

Satellite A200-23Y

Satellite A200-23Z

Satellite A200-244

Satellite A200-24B

Satellite A200-24D

Satellite A200-24H

Satellite A200-24I

Satellite A200-24W

Satellite A200-256

Satellite A200-258

Satellite A200-259

Satellite A200-25A

Satellite A200-25B

Satellite A200-25C

Satellite A200-25H

Satellite A200-25M

Satellite A200-25P

Satellite A200-25R

Satellite A200-25X

Satellite A200-25Y

Satellite A200-263

Satellite A200-26O

Satellite A200-27U

Satellite A200-281

Satellite A200-284

Satellite A200-285

Satellite A200-286

Satellite A200-289

Satellite A200-28E

Satellite A200-28G

Satellite A200-28H

Satellite A200-28I

Satellite A200-28M

Satellite A200-28N

Satellite A200-28O

Satellite A200-28P

Satellite A200-28R

Satellite A200-28S

Satellite A200-295

Satellite A200-298

Satellite A200-29I

Satellite A200-29J

Satellite A200-29L

Satellite A200-2BH

Satellite A200-2BO

Satellite A200-2BT

Satellite A200-2BV

Satellite A200-2BZ

Satellite A200-2C0

Satellite A200-2C4

Satellite A200-2C5

Satellite A200-2C9

Satellite A210-103

Satellite A210-106

Satellite A210-10Y

Satellite A210-117

Satellite A210-119

Satellite A210-11A

Satellite A210-11I

Satellite A210-11K

Satellite A210-11P

Satellite A210-126

Satellite A210-127

Satellite A210-128

Satellite A210-129

Satellite A210-12Q

Satellite A210-12Y

Satellite A210-130

Satellite A210-131

Satellite A210-146

Satellite A210-149

Satellite A210-14D

Satellite A210-14S

Satellite A210-14T

Satellite A210-150

Satellite A210-15A

Satellite A210-15U

Satellite A210-15W

Satellite A210-165

Satellite A210-16F

Satellite A210-16G

Satellite A210-16Y

Satellite A210-181

Satellite A210-182

Satellite A210-186

Satellite A210-18S

Satellite A210-18T

Satellite A210-198

Satellite A210-19J

Satellite A210-19K

Satellite A210-19P

Satellite A210-1A1

Satellite A210-1AO

Satellite A210-1AP

Satellite A210-1AX

Satellite A210-1AY

Satellite A210-1BC

Satellite A210-1BD

Satellite A210-1BF

Satellite A210-1BH

Satellite A210-1BI

Satellite A210-1BK

Satellite A210-1BQ

Satellite A210-1BX

Satellite A210-1C9

Satellite A210-1CE

Satellite A210-1CF

Satellite A210-27M

Satellite A210-287

This part is non returnable once fitted into the laptop unless there is a failure under the 2 year warranty.

Compatible with

Suitable for use with:

  • Toshiba Equium A200
  • Toshiba Equium Spares
  • Toshiba Satellite A Series
  • Toshiba Satellite A200
  • Toshiba Satellite A210
  • Toshiba Satellite Spares


This product carries a one year warranty against defects.

In the unlikely event of failure please email us with details and we will arrange for replacement.

Please note that physical damage is not covered by warranty.