Lenovo AC Adapter 45W USB-C – 5A10W86249

£32.00 ex VAT. (£38.40 inc. VAT)

SKU: 5A10W86249


Lenovo 45w USB-C Charger

May also be known as 5A10W86260, 5A10W86293, 5A10W86299, 5A10W86307, 00HM662, 00HM664, 00HM666, 00HM668, 02DL101, 02DL103, 02DL105, 02DL119, 02DL121, 02DL123, 02DL148, 5A10W86243, 5A10W86245, 5A10W86247

We supply a FREE UK Mains lead with all our chargers. Most manufacturers don’t include these.

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