HP Compaq Laptop Battery HP-DM3

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Replacement compatible HP Compaq battery HP-DM3


538692-251 538692-541 577093-001


Capacity 11.1v,51200mAh 6 Cell LiPoly Pack

Designed for:

Pavilion DM3

Pavilion DM3-1000

Pavilion DM3-1001tu

Pavilion DM3-1001tx

Pavilion DM3-1002tu

Pavilion DM3-1002tx

Pavilion DM3-1003au

Pavilion DM3-1003tu

Pavilion DM3-1003tx

Pavilion DM3-1004au

Pavilion DM3-1004tu

Pavilion DM3-1004tx

Pavilion DM3-1004xx

Pavilion DM3-1005au

Pavilion DM3-1005eg

Pavilion DM3-1005tu

Pavilion DM3-1005tx

Pavilion DM3-1006au

Pavilion DM3-1006tu

Pavilion DM3-1006tx

Pavilion DM3-1007au

Pavilion DM3-1007tu

Pavilion DM3-1007tx

Pavilion DM3-1008eg

Pavilion DM3-1008tu

Pavilion DM3-1008tx

Pavilion DM3-1009tu

Pavilion DM3-1009tx

Pavilion DM3-1010ea

Pavilion DM3-1010eb

Pavilion DM3-1010ed

Pavilion DM3-1010eg

Pavilion DM3-1010ej

Pavilion DM3-1010el

Pavilion DM3-1010eo

Pavilion DM3-1010et

Pavilion DM3-1010ev

Pavilion DM3-1010ew

Pavilion DM3-1010sa

Pavilion DM3-1010ss

Pavilion DM3-1010tu

Pavilion DM3-1010tx

Pavilion DM3-1011tu

Pavilion DM3-1011tx

Pavilion DM3-1012tu

Pavilion DM3-1012tx

Pavilion DM3-1013tu

Pavilion DM3-1013tx

Pavilion DM3-1014tu

Pavilion DM3-1014tx

Pavilion DM3-1015eo

Pavilion DM3-1015sa

Pavilion DM3-1015tu

Pavilion DM3-1015tx

Pavilion DM3-1016tx

Pavilion DM3-1017tx

Pavilion DM3-1018tx

Pavilion DM3-1019ax

Pavilion DM3-1019tx

Pavilion DM3-1020ax

Pavilion DM3-1020ca

Pavilion DM3-1020ea

Pavilion DM3-1020eb

Pavilion DM3-1020ed

Pavilion DM3-1020ef

Pavilion DM3-1020eg

Pavilion DM3-1020eo

Pavilion DM3-1020er

Pavilion DM3-1020es

Pavilion DM3-1020tx

Pavilion DM3-1021ax

Pavilion DM3-1021tx

Pavilion DM3-1022ax

Pavilion DM3-1022tx

Pavilion DM3-1023ax

Pavilion DM3-1023ca

Pavilion DM3-1023tx

Pavilion DM3-1024ax

Pavilion DM3-1024ca

Pavilion DM3-1024tx

Pavilion DM3-1025ax

Pavilion DM3-1025sa

Pavilion DM3-1025tx

Pavilion DM3-1026tx

Pavilion DM3-1027tx

Pavilion DM3-1028tx

Pavilion DM3-1029tx

Pavilion DM3-1030br

Pavilion DM3-1030ea

Pavilion DM3-1030ed

Pavilion DM3-1030eg

Pavilion DM3-1030ei

Pavilion DM3-1030er

Pavilion DM3-1030sa

Pavilion DM3-1030tx

Pavilion DM3-1030us

Pavilion DM3-1031tx

Pavilion DM3-1032tx

Pavilion DM3-1033tx

Pavilion DM3-1034tx

Pavilion DM3-1035br

Pavilion DM3-1035dx

Pavilion DM3-1035eo

Pavilion DM3-1035tx

Pavilion DM3-1039wm

Pavilion DM3-1040ef

Pavilion DM3-1040eg

Pavilion DM3-1040ek

Pavilion DM3-1040eo

Pavilion DM3-1040ev

Pavilion DM3-1040ez

Pavilion DM3-1040us

Pavilion DM3-1044nr

Pavilion DM3-1047cl

Pavilion DM3-1047nr

Pavilion DM3-1048la

Pavilion DM3-1050ee

Pavilion DM3-1050en

Pavilion DM3-1050eo

Pavilion DM3-1050ep

Pavilion DM3-1050er

Pavilion DM3-1050ss

Pavilion DM3-1053eo

Pavilion DM3-1053xx

Pavilion DM3-1058nr

Pavilion DM3-1060ef

Pavilion DM3-1060eo

Pavilion DM3-1060er

Pavilion DM3-1060es

Pavilion DM3-1060sa

Pavilion DM3-1065eo

Pavilion DM3-1067eo

Pavilion DM3-1070ea

Pavilion DM3-1070eo

Pavilion DM3-1070es

Pavilion DM3-1075eo

Pavilion DM3-1080ef

Pavilion DM3-1080es

Pavilion DM3-1090es

Pavilion DM3-1100

Pavilion DM3-1101au

Pavilion DM3-1101ax

Pavilion DM3-1101tu

Pavilion DM3-1101tx

Pavilion DM3-1102au

Pavilion DM3-1102ax

Pavilion DM3-1102tu

Pavilion DM3-1102tx

Pavilion DM3-1103au

Pavilion DM3-1103ax

Pavilion DM3-1103tu

Pavilion DM3-1103tx

Pavilion DM3-1104au

Pavilion DM3-1104ax

Pavilion DM3-1104tu

Pavilion DM3-1104tx

Pavilion DM3-1105au

Pavilion DM3-1105ax

Pavilion DM3-1105tu

Pavilion DM3-1105tx

Pavilion DM3-1106au

Pavilion DM3-1106ax

Pavilion DM3-1106tu

Pavilion DM3-1106tx

Pavilion DM3-1106au

Pavilion DM3-1106ax

Pavilion DM3-1106tu

Pavilion DM3-1106tx

Pavilion DM3-1107au

Pavilion DM3-1107ax

Pavilion DM3-1107tu

Pavilion DM3-1107tx

Pavilion DM3-1108ax

Pavilion DM3-1108tu

Pavilion DM3-1109ax

Pavilion DM3-1109tu

Pavilion DM3-1109tx

Pavilion DM3-1110ax

Pavilion DM3-1110tu

Pavilion DM3-1110tx

Pavilion DM3-1111ax

Pavilion DM3-1111tx

Pavilion DM3-1112ax

Pavilion DM3-1112tx

Pavilion DM3-1113ax

Pavilion DM3-1113tx

Pavilion DM3-1114ax

Pavilion DM3-1114tx

Pavilion DM3-1115ax

Pavilion DM3-1115tx

Pavilion DM3-1116ax

Pavilion DM3-1116tx

Pavilion DM3-1117ax

Pavilion DM3-1117tx

Pavilion DM3-1118ax

Pavilion DM3-1118tx

Pavilion DM3-1119ax

Pavilion DM3-1119tx

Pavilion DM3-1120ax

Pavilion DM3-1120tx

Pavilion DM3-1121ax

Pavilion DM3-1121tx

Pavilion DM3-1122ax

Pavilion DM3-1122tx

Pavilion DM3-1123ax

Pavilion DM3-1123tx

Pavilion DM3-1124ax

Pavilion DM3-1124ca

Pavilion DM3-1124tx

Pavilion DM3-1125ax

Pavilion DM3-1125tx

Pavilion DM3-1126tx

Pavilion DM3-1127tx

Pavilion DM3-1128tx

Pavilion DM3-1129tx

Pavilion DM3-1130ca

Pavilion DM3-1130tx

Pavilion DM3-1130us

Pavilion DM3-1131nr

Pavilion DM3-1131tx

Pavilion DM3-1135br

Pavilion DM3-1140us

Pavilion DM3-1148la

Pavilion DM3t-1000 CTO

Pavilion DM3t-1100 CTO

Pavilion DM3z-1000 CTO

Pavilion DM3z-1100 CTO


This product carries a one year warranty against defects.

In the unlikely event of failure please email us with details and we will arrange for replacement.

Please note that physical damage is not covered by warranty.

Battery Delivery Costs

Free UK delivery is unfortunately not available for batteries because Royal Mail will not deliver these, as a result they have to be shipped by courier using our next day delivery service, which costs £6 per order (regardless of quantity).

Compatible with

Suitable for use with:

  • HP Pavilion DM Spares
  • HP Pavilion DM3 Spares
  • HP Pavilion Spares