HP Compaq Laptop Battery CQ-CQ62X9 CQ-CQ629X9

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Replacement compatible HP Compaq battery CQ-CQ62


593015-541 593556-001


Capacity 10.8v,7200mAh 9 Cell Pack

Designed for:

Envy 17-1000

Envy 17-1100

Envy 17-1200

Envy 17-2000

Notebook PC G62 Series

Notebook PC G72 Series

Pavilion G6-2129SO

Pavilion Notebookdm4 1050ea

Pavilion NotebookDM4 Series

Pavilion NotebookDM4T Series

Pavilion Notebookdv3-4000

Pavilion Notebookdv3-4050eo

Pavilion Notebookdv6-3000

Pavilion NotebookDV6-3048eo

Pavilion Notebookdv6-3100

Pavilion Notebookdv6-3200

Pavilion Notebookdv6-3300

Pavilion Notebookdv6-6000

Pavilion NotebookDV7-2100

Pavilion Notebookdv7-2111us

Pavilion Notebookdv7-2150es

Pavilion Notebookdv7-2170us

Pavilion Notebookdv7-2177cl

Pavilion Notebookdv7-2185dx

Pavilion Notebookdv7-4000

Pavilion Notebookdv7-4010

Pavilion Notebookdv7-4100

Pavilion Notebookdv7-6000

Pavilion NotebookG6-1000

Pavilion NotebookG6-1013SS

Pavilion NotebookG6-1013TU

Pavilion NotebookG6-1014TU

Pavilion NotebookG6-1015TU

Pavilion NotebookG6-1016TU

Pavilion NotebookG6-1028TX

Pavilion NotebookG6-1030TX

Pavilion NotebookG6-1031TX

Pavilion NotebookG6-1052SS

Pavilion NotebookG6-1053SS

Pavilion NotebookG6-1054ES

Pavilion NotebookG6-1055ES

Pavilion NotebookG6-1057ES

Pavilion NotebookG6-1082ES

Pavilion NotebookG6-1100SS

Pavilion NotebookG6-1102SS

Pavilion NotebookG6-1103SS

Pavilion NotebookG6-1104AX

Pavilion NotebookG6-1104ES

Pavilion NotebookG6-1104SH

Pavilion NotebookG6-1104SS

Pavilion NotebookG6-1107SH

Pavilion NotebookG6-1107TX

Pavilion NotebookG6-1113TU

Pavilion NotebookG6-1114TU

Pavilion NotebookG6-1115SS

Pavilion NotebookG6-1115TU

Pavilion NotebookG6-1117SH

Pavilion NotebookG6-1120SH

Pavilion NotebookG6-1123SS

Pavilion NotebookG6-1125ES

Pavilion NotebookG6-1125SS

Pavilion NotebookG6-1125TX

Pavilion NotebookG6-1126TX

Pavilion NotebookG6-1127ES

Pavilion NotebookG6-1127SS

Pavilion NotebookG6-1127TX

Pavilion NotebookG6-1128SS

Pavilion NotebookG6-1128TX

Pavilion NotebookG6-1129SS

Pavilion NotebookG6-1155EE

Pavilion NotebookG6-1200EZ

Pavilion NotebookG6-1200SA

Pavilion NotebookG6-1201SS

Pavilion NotebookG6-1202SZ

Pavilion NotebookG6-1203SS

Pavilion NotebookG6-1203SZ

Pavilion NotebookG6-1204SZ

Pavilion NotebookG6-1205SZ

Pavilion NotebookG6-1208EZ

Pavilion NotebookG6-1209SS

Pavilion NotebookG6-1209SZ

Pavilion NotebookG6-1211SS

Pavilion NotebookG6-1212SS

Pavilion NotebookG6-1213ES

Pavilion NotebookG6-1213SS

Pavilion NotebookG6-1214ES

Pavilion NotebookG6-1214SS

Pavilion NotebookG6-1215SS

Pavilion NotebookG6-1250SS

Pavilion NotebookG6-1251SS

Pavilion NotebookG6-1252ES

Pavilion NotebookG6-1255SA

Pavilion NotebookG6-1257SA

Pavilion NotebookG6-1260SA

Pavilion NotebookG6-1273SL

Pavilion NotebookG6-1302ES

Pavilion NotebookG6-1317EL

Pavilion NotebookG6-1A20CA

Pavilion NotebookG6-1A52NR

Pavilion NotebookG6-1A69US

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B22CA

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B23CA

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B28CA

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B33CA

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B34CA

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B35CA

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B37CA

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B39WM

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B49WM

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B50US

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B53CA

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B54CA

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B55CA

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B58CA

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B59CA

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B59WM

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B60US

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B61CA

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B61NR

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B66NR

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B67CA

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B68NR

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B70US

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B71HE

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B74CA

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B75CA

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B76US

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B78NR

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B79CA

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B79DX

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B81CA

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B87CL

Pavilion NotebookG6-1B97CL

Pavilion NotebookG6-1C50LA

Pavilion NotebookG6-1C58DX

Pavilion NotebookG6-1C62US

Pavilion NotebookG6-1C77NR

Pavilion NotebookG7-1000

Presario Notebook CQ32

Presario Notebook CQ42

Presario Notebook CQ56-100

Presario Notebook CQ62

Presario Notebook CQ62-200

Presario Notebook CQ62-a00

Presario Notebook CQ72

Presario Notebook G42

Presario Notebook G42t

Presario Notebook G56

Presario Notebook G62

Presario Notebook G62t

Presario Notebook G72

Presario Notebook G72t


This product carries a one year warranty against defects.

In the unlikely event of failure please email us with details and we will arrange for replacement.

Please note that physical damage is not covered by warranty.

Battery Delivery Costs

Free UK delivery is unfortunately not available for batteries because Royal Mail will not deliver these, as a result they have to be shipped by courier using our next day delivery service, which costs £6 per order (regardless of quantity).

Compatible with

Suitable for use with:

  • HP Compaq Presario CQ32
  • HP Compaq Presario CQ42
  • HP Compaq Presario CQ56
  • HP Compaq Presario CQ62
  • HP Compaq Presario CQ72
  • HP Compaq Presario Spares
  • HP Envy 17 Spares
  • HP Envy Spares
  • HP G Notebook Spares
  • HP G42 Notebook
  • HP G56 Notebook
  • HP G62 Notebook
  • HP G72 Notebook
  • HP Pavilion DM Spares
  • HP Pavilion DM4 Spares
  • HP Pavilion DV Spares
  • HP Pavilion DV3 Spares
  • HP Pavilion DV6 Spares
  • HP Pavilion DV7 Spares
  • HP Pavilion G Spares
  • HP Pavilion G6 Spare Parts
  • HP Pavilion G7 Spare Parts
  • HP Pavilion Spares