HP Compaq AC Adapter 391172-001 65w

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Replacement original HP Compaq AC Adapter 391172-001. Specification 18.5V DC,3.5 mAh 65W. Designed for use with a wide range of models including:


Presario C700

Presario C700T

Presario Notebook A900

Presario Notebook C700

Presario Notebook CQ20 Series

Presario Notebook CQ40 Series

Presario Notebook CQ45 Series

Presario Notebook CQ45-108TX

Presario Notebook CQ45-138TX

Presario Notebook CQ50

Presario Notebook CQ5000

Presario Notebook CQ50 series

Presario Notebook CQ58 series

Presario Notebook CQ5100

Presario Notebook CQ60 series

Presario Notebook CQ61 series

Presario Notebook CQ70-100 Series

Presario Notebook CQ70-200 Series

Presario Notebook CQ71-100 Series

Presario Notebook CQ71-200 Series

Presario Notebook CQ71-300 Series

Presario Notebook CQ71-400 Series

Presario Notebook F700

Presario Notebook V5100

Presario Notebook V5100EA

Presario Notebook V5100TU

Presario Notebook V5102AU

Presario Notebook V5102EU

Presario Notebook V5102NR

Presario Notebook V5102TU

Presario Notebook V6500

Presario Notebook V6600


Business Notebook 2210B

Business Notebook 2230S

Business Notebook 2510P

Business Notebook 2530P

Business Notebook 2710P

Business Notebook 2730P

Business Notebook 6530B

Business Notebook 6530S

Business Notebook 6531S

Business Notebook 6535S

Business Notebook 6720T

Business Notebook 6730B

Business Notebook 6730S

Business Notebook 6735B

Business Notebook 6735S

Business Notebook 6830S

Business Notebook 6930p

Business Notebook 8530P

Business Notebook 8530w

Business Notebook 8730W

Business Notebook nc2400

Business Notebook nc4200

Business Notebook nc4400

Business Notebook nc6110

Business Notebook nc6120

Business Notebook nc6220

Business Notebook nc6230

Business Notebook nc6320

Business Notebook nc6325

Business Notebook nc6400

Business Notebook nc8230

Business Notebook nc8430

Business Notebook nw8240

Business Notebook nw8440

Business Notebook nw9440

Business Notebook nx6110

Business Notebook nx6115

Business Notebook nx6120

Business Notebook nx6125

Business Notebook nx6130

Business Notebook nx6310

Business Notebook nx6315

Business Notebook nx6320

Business Notebook nx6325

Business Notebook nx7000

Business Notebook nx7300

Business Notebook nx7400

Elitebook 740 G1

Elitebook 750 G1

Elitebook 820

Elitebook 840

Elitebook 840 G1

Elitebook 850 G1

Elitebook 2170p

Elitebook 2530P

Elitebook 2540P

Elitebook 2560P

Elitebook 2570P

Elitebook 2730P

Elitebook 2740P

Elitebook 2760P

Elitebook 6930p

Elitebook 8440P

Elitebook 8440W

Elitebook 8460P

Elitebook 8470P

Elitebook 8530P

Elitebook 8540W

Elitebook 8560P

Elitebook 8560W

Elitebook 8740W

Elitebook 8760W

Elitebook Folio 9470m

Envy dv7

Mini 2133

Mini 2140

Mini 5101

Mini 5102

Mini 5103

Mini 5103

Notebook 240 G1

Notebook PC 500

Notebook PC 510

Notebook PC 520

Notebook PC 530

Notebook PC 550

Notebook PC 625

Notebook PC 610

Notebook PC G6000

Notebook PC G62 Series

Notebook PC Special Edition L2310CU

Pavilion Notebook DV2000

Pavilion Notebook DV2040

Pavilion Notebook DV2047

Pavilion Notebook DV2-1000eo

Pavilion Notebook DV2-1100eo

Pavilion Notebook DV2140eu

Pavilion Notebook DV2200ea

Pavilion Notebook DV2570

Pavilion Notebook DV2600

Pavilion Notebook DV2700

Pavilion Notebook DV2800

Pavilion Notebook DV3000 Series

Pavilion Notebook DV3500t Series (CTO)

Pavilion Notebook DV3510nr

Pavilion Notebook DV3600

Pavilion Notebook DV4100

Pavilion Notebook DV4-1000

Pavilion Notebook DV4-1100ea

Pavilion Notebook DV4-1200

Pavilion Notebook DV4200

Pavilion Notebook DV4300

Pavilion Notebook DV4t

Pavilion Notebook DV5 series

Pavilion Notebook DV6000

Pavilion Notebook DV6054EA

Pavilion Notebook DV6200

Pavilion Notebook DV6300

Pavilion Notebook DV6400

Pavilion Notebook DV6500

Pavilion Notebook DV6570

Pavilion Notebook DV6600

Pavilion Notebook DV6646

Pavilion Notebook DV6700

Pavilion Notebook DV6825EO

Pavilion Notebook DV8200

Pavilion Notebook DV8220ea

Pavilion Notebook DV9060US

Pavilion Notebook DV9074EA

Pavilion Notebook DV9100

Pavilion Notebook DV9200

Pavilion Notebook DV9300

Pavilion Notebook DV9400

Pavilion Notebook DV9500

Pavilion Notebook DV9575

Pavilion Notebook DV9600

Pavilion Notebook DV9700 Series

Pavilion Notebook DV9800 Series

Pavilion Notebook DV9840EO

Pavilion Notebook G4

Pavilion Notebook G60

Pavilion Notebook G70

Pavilion Notebook G7000

Pavilion Notebook HDX16-1000 Series

Pavilion Notebook HDX16-1100 Series

Pavilion Notebook HDX16-1200 Series

Pavilion Notebook HDX16-1300 Series

Pavilion Notebook HDX16t Series

Pavilion Notebook HDX18t Series

Pavilion M6

Pavilion Notebook TX1000

Pavilion Notebook TX1200

Pavilion Notebook TX1201au

Pavilion Notebook TX1202au

Pavilion Notebook TX1203au

Pavilion Notebook TX1204au

Pavilion Notebook TX1205au

Pavilion Notebook TX1205us

Pavilion Notebook TX1206au

Pavilion Notebook TX1207au

Pavilion Notebook TX1208au

Pavilion Notebook TX1208ca

Pavilion Notebook TX1209au

Pavilion Notebook TX1210au

Pavilion Notebook TX1210ca

Pavilion Notebook TX1210us

Pavilion Notebook TX1211au

Pavilion Notebook TX1212au

Pavilion Notebook TX1213au

Pavilion Notebook TX1214au

Pavilion Notebook TX1215au

Pavilion Notebook TX1215nr

Pavilion Notebook TX1216au

Pavilion Notebook TX1217au

Pavilion Notebook TX1217cl

Pavilion Notebook TX1218au

Pavilion Notebook TX1218ca

Pavilion Notebook TX1219us

Pavilion Notebook TX1220ca

Pavilion Notebook TX1220us

Pavilion Notebook TX1228ca

Pavilion Notebook TX1230la

Pavilion Notebook TX1232la

Pavilion Notebook TX1240ef Media Center

Pavilion Notebook TX1250ea Media Center

Pavilion Notebook TX1250eo

Pavilion Notebook TX1250et Media Center

Pavilion Notebook TX1260ea Media Center

Pavilion Notebook TX1270ep Media Center

Pavilion Notebook TX1320

Pavilion Notebook TX1345

Pavilion Notebook TX1400 Series

Pavilion Notebook TX2000 Series

Pavilion Notebook TX2-1100

Pavilion Notebook TX2-1200

Pavilion Notebook TX2600

Pavilion Notebook TX2690

Pavilion Notebook DM4 Series

Pavilion Notebook dv3-2000

Pavilion Notebook dv3-2100

Pavilion Notebook dv3550ee

Pavilion Notebook dv3550eg

Pavilion Notebook dv3550eo

Pavilion Notebook dv3550es

Pavilion Notebook dv3550ez

Pavilion Notebook dv3570ei

Pavilion Notebook dv5-1115eo

Pavilion Notebook DV6-1000

Pavilion Notebook DV6-1100

Pavilion Notebook DV6-1200

Pavilion Notebook DV6-1200 Artist Edition

Pavilion Notebook DV6-1400

Pavilion Notebook dv6-3000

Pavilion Notebook dv6-3300

Pavilion Notebook DV7-1000 series

Pavilion Notebook DV7-2000 series

Pavilion Notebook dv7-2150es

Pavilion Notebook dv7-2270us

Pavilion Notebook dv7-3065dx

Pavilion Notebook dv7-3090eo

Pavilion Notebook DV7t

Pavilion Notebook DV7z

Pavilion Notebook DV9000ea

Probook 450

Probook 640 G1 series

Probook 4310S

Probook 4311S

Probook 4320S

Probook 4330S

Probook 4341s

Probook 4410S

Probook 4415S

Probook 4416S

Probook 4440S

Probook 4441S

Probook 4510S

Probook 4510s (DDR2)

Probook 4510s (DDR3)

Probook 4511S

Probook 4515S

Probook 4520S

Probook 4530S

Probook 4535S

Probook 4545S

Probook 4710S

Probook 4720S

Probook 4730S

Probook 5310m

Probook 5320M

Probook 5330m

Probook 6360b

Probook 6440b

Probook 6445b

Probook 6450b

Probook 6455b

Probook 6460b

Probook 6540b

Probook 6545b

Probook 6550b

Probook 6555b

Probook 6560b

Probook 6570b

Tablet PC TC4200

Tablet PC TC4400

Workstation nw9440

Specification 18.5V DC,3.5 mAh 65W

May also be known as 463958-001, 609939-001, 609948-001, 613512-001, 677774-002, 693711-001, 677774-002, 693710-001

We include a mains lead with every power supply free of charge, most manufacturers do not include these.

Please note this ac adapter should only be used to replace a 65W ac adapter, if you have a 90 watt adapter this item is not correct for your laptop. To calculate the wattage of your adapter multiply the voltage by the amperage printed on your ac adapter – e.g. 18.5V x 3.5mAh = 64.75W.

Please contact us if you need help selecting your mains adapter or power supply.


This product carries a one year warranty against defects.

In the unlikely event of failure please email us with details and we will arrange for replacement.

Please note that physical damage is not covered by warranty.

Compatible with

Suitable for use with:

  • All Other Compaq and HP Spares
  • Compaq Notebook 320
  • Compaq Notebook 321
  • Compaq Notebook 325
  • Compaq Notebook 326
  • Compaq Notebook 420
  • Compaq Notebook 421
  • Compaq Notebook 435
  • Compaq Notebook 436
  • Compaq Notebook 510
  • Compaq Notebook 610
  • Compaq Notebook 620
  • Compaq Notebook 621
  • Compaq Notebook 625
  • Compaq Notebook Spare Parts
  • HP Business Notebook 2210b
  • HP Business Notebook 2230s
  • HP Business Notebook 2510p
  • HP Business Notebook 2710p
  • HP Business Notebook 2730p Spares
  • HP Business Notebook 6510b
  • HP Business Notebook 6515b
  • HP Business Notebook 6520s
  • HP Business Notebook 6530b
  • HP Business Notebook 6530s
  • HP Business Notebook 6531s
  • HP Business Notebook 6535b
  • HP Business Notebook 6535s
  • HP Business Notebook 6710b
  • HP Business Notebook 6710s
  • HP Business Notebook 6715b
  • HP Business Notebook 6715s
  • HP Business Notebook 6720s
  • HP Business Notebook 6730b
  • HP Business Notebook 6730s
  • HP Business Notebook 6735b
  • HP Business Notebook 6735s
  • HP Business Notebook 6820s
  • HP Business Notebook 6830s
  • HP Business Notebook 6910p
  • HP Business Notebook 6930p
  • HP Business Notebook 8510p
  • HP Business Notebook 8510w
  • HP Business Notebook 8530p
  • HP Business Notebook 8710p
  • HP Business Notebook 8710w
  • HP Business Notebook 8730w
  • HP Business Notebook nc2400
  • HP Business Notebook nc4200
  • HP Business Notebook nc6110 Spares
  • HP Business Notebook nc6120
  • HP Business Notebook nc6320 Spares
  • HP Business Notebook nc6325
  • HP Business Notebook nc6400
  • HP Business Notebook nc8230 Spares
  • HP Business Notebook nc8430 Spares
  • HP Business Notebook nw8240 Spares
  • HP Business Notebook nw8440 Spares
  • HP Business Notebook nx6110
  • HP Business Notebook nx6115
  • HP Business Notebook nx6120
  • HP Business Notebook nx6130
  • HP Business Notebook nx6310 Spares
  • HP Business Notebook nx6315
  • HP Business Notebook nx6320
  • HP Business Notebook nx6325
  • HP Business Notebook nx7000
  • HP Business Notebook nx7300
  • HP Business Notebook nx7400
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  • HP Compaq Presario CQ20
  • HP Compaq Presario CQ32
  • HP Compaq Presario CQ35
  • HP Compaq Presario CQ36
  • HP Compaq Presario CQ40
  • HP Compaq Presario CQ41
  • HP Compaq Presario CQ45
  • HP Compaq Presario CQ50
  • HP Compaq Presario CQ56
  • HP Compaq Presario CQ58 Spares
  • HP Compaq Presario CQ60
  • HP Compaq Presario CQ61
  • HP Compaq Presario CQ62
  • HP Compaq Presario CQ70
  • HP Compaq Presario CQ71
  • HP Compaq Presario F700
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  • HP Compaq Presario V6500
  • HP Compaq Presario V6600
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  • HP Elitebook 2570p Spares
  • HP Elitebook 2730p
  • HP Elitebook 2740p Spares
  • HP Elitebook 2760p
  • HP Elitebook 6930p Spares
  • HP Elitebook 740 G1 Spare Parts
  • HP Elitebook 750 G1 Spare Parts
  • HP Elitebook 820 G1 Spare Parts
  • HP Elitebook 840 G1 Spares
  • HP Elitebook 8440p Spares
  • HP Elitebook 8440w Spares
  • HP Elitebook 8460p Spares
  • HP Elitebook 850 G1 Spare Parts
  • HP Elitebook 8530p Spares
  • HP Elitebook 8540w
  • HP Elitebook 8560p
  • HP Elitebook 8560w
  • HP Elitebook 8740w
  • HP Elitebook 8760w
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  • HP Notebook 430 Spare Parts
  • HP Notebook 431 Spare Parts
  • HP Notebook 435 Spare Parts
  • HP Notebook 450 Spare Parts
  • HP Notebook 500 Spare Parts
  • HP Notebook 510 Spare Parts
  • HP Notebook 520 Spare Parts
  • HP Notebook 530 Spare Parts
  • HP Notebook 550 Spare Parts
  • HP Notebook 620 Spare Parts
  • HP Notebook 625 Spare Parts
  • HP Notebook 630 Spare Parts
  • HP Notebook 631 Spare Parts
  • HP Notebook 635 Spare Parts
  • HP Notebook 650 Spare Parts
  • HP Notebook 655 Spare Parts
  • HP Notebook Spare Parts
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  • HP Pavilion DV4 Spares
  • HP Pavilion DV5 Spares
  • HP Pavilion DV6 Spares
  • HP Pavilion DV6000 Spares
  • HP Pavilion DV6200 Spares
  • HP Pavilion DV6300 Spares
  • HP Pavilion DV6400 Spares
  • HP Pavilion DV6500 Spares
  • HP Pavilion DV6600 Spares
  • HP Pavilion DV6700 Spares
  • HP Pavilion DV6800 Spares
  • HP Pavilion DV6900 Spares
  • HP Pavilion DV7 Spares
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  • HP Probook 4331s Spares
  • HP Probook 4341s Spare Parts
  • HP Probook 4410s Spares
  • HP Probook 4411s Spares
  • HP Probook 4415s Spares
  • HP Probook 4416s Spares
  • HP Probook 4420s Spares
  • HP Probook 4421s Spares
  • HP Probook 4425s Spares
  • HP Probook 4430s Spares
  • HP Probook 4431s Spares
  • HP Probook 4435s Spares
  • HP Probook 4436s Spares
  • HP Probook 4440s Spares
  • HP Probook 4441s Spares
  • HP Probook 450 G0 Spare Parts
  • HP Probook 450 G1 Spare Parts
  • HP Probook 4510s Spares
  • HP Probook 4515s Spares
  • HP Probook 4520s Spares
  • HP Probook 4525s Spares
  • HP Probook 4530s Spares
  • HP Probook 4535s Spares
  • HP Probook 4545s Spares
  • HP Probook 4710s Spares
  • HP Probook 4720s Spares
  • HP Probook 4730s Spares
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  • HP Probook 5310m Spares
  • HP Probook 5320m Spares
  • HP Probook 6360b Spares
  • HP Probook 640 G1 Spares
  • HP Probook 6440b Spares
  • HP Probook 6445b Spares
  • HP Probook 6450b Spares
  • HP Probook 6455b Spares
  • HP Probook 6460b Spares
  • HP Probook 6465b Spares
  • HP Probook 650 G1 Spares
  • HP Probook 6540b Spares
  • HP Probook 6545b Spares
  • HP Probook 6550b Spares
  • HP Probook 6555b Spares
  • HP Probook 6560b Spares
  • HP Probook 6565b Spares
  • HP Probook 6570b Spares
  • HP Probook Spares